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Vishwanathan - Chennai

Can't expect this much of cleanliness from any one. How can I say? They are cleaning even between the tiles gap. Even no one keep their house that much clean. Very Hygienic and Safety place.
Werenít you able to go to Kutrallam Falls, no matter, Visit Athisayam

Karthik - Sr. Software Engineer - Chennai

Poovukkul olinthirukum kani kootam Athisayam
Maduraikul olinthirukum velaiyattu kudam Athisayam

Athisayam, the marvelous entertainment center for children, adults and old. All plays are wonderful. Food and place is very hygienic and it is worth for the amount you pay.

Veerakumar - Singapore 

When I came to my native from Singapore I came to Athisayam and really iam wondering the safety and cleanliness. It is that much good . Iím getting a complete satisfaction apart from joy, which I can't get in parks in other countries as it is in our nation. 

Rajkumar - Software Engineer , Chennai.

You definitely have to go for a boating experience at Athisayam... 
Enjoy the reptiles and water birds, though not real. 

Dhanasekar - Engineer

All of you know that Chennai is famous for its HOT climate. While I had gone for Athisayam in Madurai with my friendís gang I forget myself. I was enjoying water games from morning till evening. The water management is so neat and Very safe water.

Vijay Anand - House Keeping Supervisor - A five star hotel in chennai.

Even we can't manage our swimming pool that much clean. Very less people uses it and also it is of moderate size . Even then we can't maintain like Athisayam . They have many water games and even then they maintains the cleanliness.

Kamalanathan - Financier. 

For our kind of peoples there will be lot of work pressure. We have to relax ourselves frequently. I have gone to many tourist places word wide. But while I went to Athisayam I am completely relaxed and enjoyed with my family. I even stayed one more day in Madurai and again went to Athisayam. Now every year at least once I will be going there with my family.

Nachiappan - Singapore.

I have gone for many countries like Hong Kong, Malaysia etc. Very few parks maintain the standards and quality like Athisayam. I can certainly say Athisayam is at par with many famous Theme parks in other countries.

T. Anandan, Assistant Professor, Regional Engineering College, Tiruchi.

We have been quite regular to Athisayam amusement park. And this time we are happy with the `Madurai Courtallam

Prasanna - Chennai. 

I am in chennai . We used to go out for team meet for various parks for enjoyment here. But when I went to Athisayam while I had gone for my friendís marriage in Madurai I really enjoyed like a kid. What a place ya . Itís really an Athisayam.

Selvam - Indian Oil - Madurai

It's really a Landmark for Madurai and entire south. If any one says Madurai they will tell first Madurai Meenakshi Amman Temple and then certainly they will say Athisayam. Very enchanting place.

Vandhana - Bangalore.

Once I had gone to Athisayam with my husband who is a Lawyer. I really surprised on seeing my husbands activities. He is normally very strict and is of moody nature. But when he saw the park he completely became like my child and enjoyed it very well. Thanks for Athisayam to make my husband happy and in turn make myself also happy.

Saranya - School Girl - Tuticorin

I begged my father to get me to Athisayam first time. Now if I tell the Athisayam within one week we will be there. Because my father also likes it very much and he plays with us in water. I have been athisayam several times.

S. Karthikeyan, Tiruchi

"The `Madurai Courtallam' has enthralled us. We are thrilled. The water from the falls is also cooler than in any other game.

Mohammed I Sohail - HR Executive - Software Company - Chennai

Itís a beautiful place to spend a day with the kids. Biggest plus point of Athisayam is its cleanliness and hospitality.

Gandhinathan - Business Man - Chennai

Athisayam is Really " Queen of Amusement Parks " . 

Malar - Chennai

Iím really angry on Athisayam as it is there in Madurai and not in Chennai. Madurai peoples are lucky peoples.

Jeeva - School Teacher

Any person will get happy while seeing water like sea etc. It's a normal nature of anyone. Athisayam is an excellent Water Theme Park.

Raji - A Kid

Thirumba Varuvaen . Ha Ha.

Kannappan - A Kid

I love Athisayam.

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